Fresh Start Recovery
Fresh Start Recovery is a weekly ministry that meets at New Covenant Church Thursdays.  A home cooked meal is served at 6:15pm.  There are 3 stages of recovery ministry.  All of these meet at the same time – 7:00pm.   For first time new comers, orientation meets in the fellowship hall (The Oasis). For those who complete the orientation, the next time they attend, they will meet in Room 8 across from the fellowship hall.  The Big Group is for those persons who complete the previous classes and this begins at 7:00pm in the sanctuary.  
Who we are: We are a faith-based, recovery ministry that uses a Biblical approach in it’s teachings.  The Bible is the standard for all of the materials and ministry that takes place.  
Our beliefs:  We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it is infallible as well as inspired by the Holy Spirit.  We also believe that what the Bible says about freedom is true.  Because of this, we don’t believe that addiction in any form is a disease.  We also reject the philosophy that once a person is an alcoholic or drug addict they will always be one. We fully acknowledge that spiritual warfare is real 
Our Vision:  We envision each person experiencing true Biblical freedom which includes their spirit, soul and body.  
Feel free to give us a call to speak with a Fresh Start Care representative. 
Call: 229-977-0699