Are you ready to be Free?

             RECOVERY MINISTRY:  Coming to Thomasville in June 2022
Addiction comes in many different forms.  No matter what the addiction, we believe that the freedom Jesus Christ offers every believer includes TOTAL freedom.  Fresh Start offers each person the opportunity to be set free from alcohol, gambling, drugs, pornography, etc. 
Just like we believe that alcoholism is NOT a disease but a sin issue requiring the alcoholic to live a life yielded to Jesus Christ, this same truth can be applied to every other addiction.  We disagree with recovery models that teach that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.  True freedom in Jesus Christ  is for life and it must be walked out daily, moment by moment while applying life giving Biblical principals.  
New Covenant Church is blessed to have faith-based counselors and trained ministry teams to provide our supportive counseling needs.  Whether it’s pre-marital, marital, individual family counseling, our ministry teams are available by appointment.   
Inner-healing teams provide restorative and deliverance ministry by appointment.
We partner with Restoring The Foundations and enjoy the benefits of their ministers speaking at  workshops and conferences.  
For more information, or to sign up please email…
Office: 229-226-3246